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Propose to make the "Power Dice Rules" from the 7th edition a recommended house rule
Approve Approve 80%[4 Votes]
Disapprove Disapprove 20%[1 Vote]
Total Votes : 5
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For those who don't have a 7th edition rulebook handy here is the following rule from the 7th edition BRB as quoted:
( I am going to paraphrase as there are a lot of suggestions like different color dice that is more common sense than anything else)


These are expended throughout the magic phase when rolling to cast spells.

There are two types of power dice, those that belong to each Wizard and those that are in a common pool of power dice and can be shared by all the wizards in the army.

At the start of the magic phase, the player's Wizards draw magical energy from the winds of magic, each in proportion with their lever of mastery. The player whose turn it is gives one dice to each first level wizard, two dice to each second level wizard, three dice to each third level wizard, and four dice to each fourth level wizard in his army. Fleeting models and those that are not on the table do not generate any power dice. These dice belong to the wizard they are give to and no other wizard may use them.

After doing this, the player makes up his pool of power dice. This pool consists of two power dice, plus any power dice that are added to it by magic items or other special rules. The dice in the pool dies not belong to any specific Wizard and can be tapped into and used by any of the Wizards in the player's army.


The interpretation in general is that this makes the pool of dice more constricting in that each magic user will only be able to use their own power dice, and cant share the dice with a more powerful user. For armies with large amounts of magic users this will curb the abusive usage of power dice. You army may generate 19 power dice, however, the most powerful magic user will not have access to all power dice. Likewise in order for the magic users with less power to go off they will be using the pool more often that the higher level of magic users.

I will point out that there is an issue of where the dispel dice is still communal and that much more powerful. This will make high dispel armies like Dwarves and Khorne that much better. I will have to say that as a dwarf player, dispel dice is just as fickle as the power dice, and if I have more to throw I am more likely to have more that may not be dispelled by double 1's. Any comments on play testing this is greatly appreciated.
Just Tony
Definitely on board for that one.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
We are currently playing a game using this rule right now. About half the spells are getting off. It seems to make all the Wizards important now, rather than pooling all dice for the big one. I like the desicion making that the rule change entails. So far the dispel pool isn't overriding the casting too much.
Just Tony
The best part about the rule is it makes facing a high level Slann less scary. Back in the heyday of 6th, LM players would just throw all their dice into the Slann's spells and use the Skink Priests as scroll caddies and as casting spots. Forcing them to have to use their Skink Priests helped a ton once 7th rolled around. Granted, 7th had its own problems, but the magic phase wasn't one of them.
Father, soldier, musician, Transformers fan, masochistic junior moderator type thing.
I approve!
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